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 Leadership Topics
  • Performance Leadership

  • Focusing on the total approach of leadership. Managers learn two complete models, one for employee development and the other for leadership.

  • The Role of Management

  • Deals with the changing role of leadership, the relationship responsibilities and the various roles that supervisors are required to perform are studied and analyzed.

  • The Cutting Edge

  • Leaders of all areas are exposed to primary development levels ranging from productivity to communication. Participants will engage in team building concepts designed to enhance work group climate.

  • The Professional

  • Designed to increase the knowledge and skills needed in order to incorporate quality and help lead groups to proactively complete projects. Created for professionals who act as a project leader or consultant

 Supervisory Topics
  • Interviewing and Selection

  • A seven step model that will help the employer hire the best and avoid legal pitfalls by preparing, organizing and conducting an effective interview

  • Labor Law

  • To train participants to become more aware of legal issues and to provide appropriate training on how to respond and prevent legal mishaps.

  • Violence in the Workplace

  • Designed to heighten the awareness and identify warning signs of potential employees that could become violent. This program also prepares supervisors and companies with and emergency response system and plan of action process.

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Analyzes what inappropriate conduct looks like and how to avoid it. The steps to report harassment are also addressed

  • Performance Reviews

  • Methods of planning and conducting an effective appraisal. Addressing and correcting poor performance issues are also covered.

  • Empowerment

  • Develop Leadership skills that will motivate and inspire by creating a rewarding work environment so employees can earn the right to be empowered.

 Quality Topics
  • Quality Planning

  • Prepares participants to understand the TQM process of planning and completing a project and transferring it into operations

  • Quality Team Training

  • Direction to Quality Improvement Teams by helping them understand the quality process, team skills and quality tools.

  • Quality Facilitation

  • Uses extensive case studies and experimental elements to help prepare individuals to assume the role of Quality Team Facilitator. Teaches the improvement process, communication, facilitation skills, and group dynamics.

  • Quality Tools

  • And in-depth study of Quality Improvement Tools. Tools such as brainstorming, flow diagrams, histograms, Pareto analysis, stratification and cause and effect diagrams.
 Professional Topics
  • Professional Aspects of Selling

  • Participants will learn necessary skills for productive selling as well as a proven six step selling process. Closing techniques, communication tools and an instrument to overcome obstacles will be explored.

  • Customer Service

  • This dynamic program consists of a tool kit full of top quality customer service components including: identifying customers, conflict resolution, phone skills, diversity, teamwork and much more.

  • Team Building

  • The objectives are to strengthen the commitment and objectives of the team in order to obtain a level of higher performance. This is accomplished through a choice of several series of proven techniques.

  • Conflict Resolution

  • A unique tool that will be introduced to class members that will help them better understand why and how conflict occurs. They will also be introduced to a four-step process to aid in completely disarming conflict and how to effectively settle disputes when they arise.

  • Diversity

  • Will give participants a better understanding of the strength and opportunities that can come from diversity, the value of differences and how to effectively use them are presented.

  • Communication Skills

  • Will help participants understand the importance of all aspects of communication as well as explore obstacles that hinder our ability to effectively communicate.

  • Goal Setting

  • Offers a life-changing format that will greatly increase the ability for participants to obtain their goals and objectives in eight different areas of their life.

  • Stress Management

  • Participants will discover techniques that will help them eliminate, overcome and handle the stress that seems to be controlling their life. Over ten successful aspects will be studied.

  • Time Management

  • This course will explore the effective techniques to harness the hours that we have and how to achieve the maximum level of productivity within a day, week and month.

  • Employee Development

  • Eight separate modules designed to bring front line employees to a higher level of awareness and performance. It is designed to be a custom built seminar.

  • Safety in the work place.
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Drivers Education
  • Memory
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Public Speaking
  • Personality Profile System (DiSC, Myers Briggs & CAPS)
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